A tiered rate structure is used by the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District to encourage water conservation.  Average customer usage is 10,000 gallons/EQR/month.


Residential and Commercial Rates
Metered Base Water:  $28.48/EQR  (Base Water rate)
Sewer Rate:  $41.16/EQR


Base Water:  see above rate for metered base water
Usage 1: $1.92/1,000 gallons from 0 to 5,000
Usage 2:  $3.21/1,000 gallons from 5,001 to 10,000
Usage 3:  $5.45/1,000 gallons from 10,001 to 20,000
Usage 4:  $6.67/1,000 gallons from 20,001 to 30,000
Usage 5:  $9.79/1,000 gallons over 30,001


Standby Rates (Readiness to Serve)
REA1 (Water):  $20.35
REA2 (Sewer):  $20.35
These fees are charged to any lot to which a curb stop is present, but to which no structure exists, this includes any improvements, remodels and demos.

If you would like to pay via credit or debit card online, you can register now.  On the home page you will see a button for MuniBilling online bill pay.  You will need your account number to register.

Checks are accepted via mail or in person

Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) are accepted via phone or in person.  Card numbers do need to be called in every quarter, the District does not save credit card numbers.

Automatic Bank Debit & Automatic Credit Card.  The District can deduct your bill amount from your checking or savings account or credit card.  Simply fill out the form below (ACH Auto Auth Form) and send it to the District office with a voided check or call the District office (970) 923-2056.  We can also fax or e-mail this form to you.   


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