Watering Schedule

Watering restrictions apply year round

No watering between 9am and 6pm on any day

The line separating the NORTH and SOUTH watering zones follows Owl Creek Road to Brush Creek (not the road) at Seasons Four and then continues up the creek to the Divide. Everything to the NORTH of this line and the Divide Subdivision is the NORTH watering zone. Everything to the South is the SOUTH watering zone.
As a point of reference, the Snowmass Center is the NORTH watering zone.

FINES: 1st - WARNING   2nd - $100.00   3rd - $300.00   4th - $500.00   5th - Disconnect

Irrigate more efficiently.  Save money and water, and maintain the look you want.
For more information about SWSD’s 2024 irrigation assessments, click here.