Tap Fees

  • Tap Fees or System Development Fees are charged on new construction and remodels for lots in Snowmass Village.  This fee is collected by the District for the right to connect to the water & sewer system. 
  • The charge varies and is based on our EQR schedule (see below). 
  • Any changes to a building in Snowmass Village do need to submit plans to the District for approval. 
  • Once fees are paid, the District contacts the Town’s building department for permit release. 

    Contact the office for more information at (970) 923-2056.

    System Development Fees (2024)
    Water:  $19,370.00/EQR
    Sewer:  $21,044.00/EQR
    Connection Permit:  $111.00
    Final Inspection Deposit: $2,114.00
    Plans (including site plan, floor plan and landscaping) should be brought to the District or sent to cduckett@swsd.org for new home construction or a remodel; an application should be completed with the submission of plans.  When the system development fees are paid, the District will notify the Town; if their requirements are met, they will issue a building permit.