Water Meters

  • All accounts that receive water service are required to have a meter. 
  • Water meters are generally located inside and are commonly located in a mechanical room or crawl space. 
  • During monthly reads, District personnel read a remote on the outside of the home.  Some remotes are analog which require personnel to walk up to the home to read the remote and others are the new radio style which can be read on the meter wand by just being near the home.  (See below for District approved devices)
  • Hydrant meters are available for rental.  Please contact us for additional information. 

    Water meters consist of an inside meter with register which measures water use and a reader which “sends” the reading to a gateway outside the home.  This way every month, meter reads can be received without having to get inside your home.  As older model water meters fail, customers will need to purchase a new meter.  Below you will find the specifications of the meters we require.  Dodson or Core and Main are the places to call to get parts and meters (970) 945-2233 or (970) 628-7104.